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Founded in 1975, the Young Israel of East Brunswick is home to over 215 families from diverse backgrounds- all in a one shul close knit Modern Orthodox community. What makes YIEB special is the unity, tolerance and respect in a warm, welcoming and friendly environment. We have an Eruv and Mikvah, Shabbat youth groups, a teen minyan, Dor L’Dor program, weekday youth activities, adult education lectures and classes and many other fun, social, charitable programs.


From preschool through high school children, the youth group department has a wide range of programming. In addition to Shabbat groups and Teen Minyan, the youth are often the centerpiece of shul wide programs such as Sukkah Hop, NCSY Friday Night Lights, and Yom Haatzmaut programs. Other programs such as paintball, movie night, bowling, laser tag, apple picking and hayrides as well as Family Fun Day at a local camp.


Why should kids have all the fun! YIEB offers a variety of events and programs for adults such as Comedy Night, Trivia Bowl, Rafting trip and Cholent competition. We take annual trips to NORPAC and AIPAC conferences as well. The Wasser Jewish learning institute. Our Beit Midrash is home to nightly shiurim, minyanim and learning events. Programs include Daf Yomi, Gemara and women’s Parsha Shiur, Nach shiur and in-depth Talmud and Semichas Chaver Program. We also host many Scholar in Residence Programs throughout the year with notable speakers.

Affordable Housing

One of the treasures of New Jersey, is the park like community of East Brunswick and its TRULY affordable housing compared to other communities. The average home prices range anywhere from $600-700,000. Apartments and townhomes are also available.

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