New Family Incentives

Financial Package

An attractive element of our Family Financial Incentive Package is the tuition assistance our community Yeshivas are offering;

Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy/Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School – $2,500 per child (max 2 children for 5 years
Netivot- $2,500 Scholarship per child- infant- 8th grade
RPRY- $2,500 per child (max 2 children for 5 years)

YIEB will MATCH $2,500/yr/child tuition supplement for 5 years – MAX 2 children or, $25,000 over 5 years total for family.

50% off Membership for first 4
years- Year 5 FREE Membership
($4,800 Value)

2 FREE HH seats in Year 1 and
50% off Guest seats in years 2-5
($150 Value)

$500 one time credit off Social
Hall Rental ($500 Value)

2 FREE Tickets to attend Shul
Dinner ($500 Value)

FREE Sisterhood membership,
Shaloch Manos for First Year
($200 Value)

Affordable Housing

One of the treasures of New Jersey, is the park like community of East Brunswick and its TRULY affordable housing compared to other communities. The average home prices range anywhere from $600-700,000. Apartments and townhomes are also available.

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